Course Overview:


English Discoverers
Kindergarten 1 - Grade 10


For students who are serious about improving their English language skills during this break, the ISS Spring School 2017 has developed a new programme to help. Similar to the ISS Summer School Discovery, this will be a two-week* intensive course to equip you with a strong foundation, enabling you to flourish in your English reading, listening, and speaking abilities. The lessons are geared towards building confidence in grammar, vocabulary, writing, and speaking in a friendly group environment that will encompass conversational role-play (talking with each other) and task-based assignments. We’ll have fun with English as our experienced teachers customise the programme based on each student’s needs and proficiency level. If you feel that your English skills could be sharpened, this is definitely the programme for you.

*Students can opt to do a one-week intensive course.




To learn more about ISS International School's 'English as a Second Language' (ESL) programme, please refer to this.

We are also very happy to share testimonials from students who had attended our ESL programme at ISS Summer School 2016.